The unknown

A body was found on September 8, 1991, by two people riding horses in a field. It was in the vicinity of the 3100 block of Calder Rd. or the “Killing Fields” as it is more commonly known. Three bodies were found in the same area five years earlier. The woman found could not be identified and was dubbed “Janet Doe” by investigators.

The cause of death was determined to be blunt-force trauma and it was thought that she had been beaten with a club and also strangled, possibly with a drapery cord that was found nearby. It was estimated that she had been dead for up to six weeks prior to the discovery of her body.

She was nude, lying face up, and hidden from view. A pair of white Payless heels and some keys were found close to the body. Did they belong to her? Who was she?

Eighteen years passed and she remained Janet Doe until in 2019, she was finally identified as a result of forensic DNA technology. Janet Doe was Donna Prudhomme.

Donna moved from the Beaumont/Port Arthur area fleeing an abusive relationship in the late 80s. In 1989, she’d told her sister that she was wanting to travel and needed a copy of her birth certificate to do so. She mailed it to Donna’s home in Clear Lake and never heard from her again.

Because of the proximity of her body to the sites where the other three women were discovered, it was always believed one person was responsible for all four murders.

I disagree.

Donna was found five years after the last bodies were discovered. She was beaten to death. She was not found in the same field. The “Killing Fields” murders received a lot of coverage in the media. People knew where bodies were found. Details were printed in local newspapers. It would not be out of the realm of possibility for another man with diabolical intent to dump an unrelated body there.

So now it becomes a puzzle with the pieces fitting together slowly, but surely. We know there were a lot of unsavory individuals working for Robert Abel at Stardust Trailrides adjacent to where the other bodies were found, among them William Reece and Mark Stallings.

But, there was one more individual who lived close by, who would later be arrested and found guilty of felony murder caused by blunt-force trauma and beating, who had several objects seized from his home on Calder Rd. that had dark stains…. Jonathan David Drew.

The Drew family moved to Calder Rd. in 1990 according to public records. Jonathan would have only been 17, but he was accused of rape when he was even younger than that.

Donna Prudhomme is said to have lived in apartment complexes along NASA Road 1. Where have we mentioned that road before? Well, it is where Drew was stopped by the police the night he abducted Tina Flood.

And Donna’s body was found only 150 feet from the pond on the Drews’ property.

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