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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Following the abduction and subsequent death of Tina Flood, Jonathan David Drew was arrested and charged with capital murder. The home he shared with his parents on Calder Rd. was searched on December 2, 1998. Their home was mere blocks away from the infamous “Killing Fields.”

Investigators seized several items during the search including a wooden souvenir baseball bat with an unknown stain, a t-shirt with a logo on the left pocket, a pair of black panties, a flat metal bar with an unknown stain, four ski caps, and a small vial containing human teeth. While the teeth were later determined to be baby teeth and Drew’s mother stated they were his baby teeth, the other items were sent off and tested, but results were never made public.

In addition to the search of the home, investigators had a warrant for the 60-by-30 foot pond behind his parents’ home. It was overgrown with reeds. Crews rigged a generator and pump to drain the pond so that it could be searched. The pond ended up being deeper than was expected and the pump drained water throughout the night.

Evidence removed from the pond included a woman’s shirt and some lace material found at the waters’ edge.

The pond behind his parents’ home was about 150 feet west of where the remains of Janet Doe, later determined to be Donna Prudhomme, were found on September 8, 1991. She was thought to be a victim of the same killer who murdered the other three “Killing Fields” victims, Heidi Fye, Laura Miller, and Jane Doe, later determined to be Audrey Cook.

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