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We can speculate endlessly about Jonathan David Drew’s involvement in unsolved abductions and murders in the Houston and Austin areas. There are an infinite number of victims who have not yet found justice, and some who seemingly have, even though Drew’s fingerprints seem to be all over their murders.

What we do know is that during the penalty phase of his trial for the murder of Tina Flood, seven women testified against him, and they all recounted their sexual assaults or attempted assaults at his hands, which spanned an entire decade. Many were friends, acquaintances, or schoolmates, but others were perfect strangers grabbed in broad daylight.

Wendy Ruffini, a former neighbor of Drew when he lived in Seabrook, testified that he forced her into a house and raped her when she was only 14-years-old, and he was 16. Her name was dragged through the mud by Drew’s lawyers during the trial and during his appeals, but her story never changed, though she admitted it was not reported to police at the time.

Still, six others testified about their assaults and there were many similarities in their assaults and the case that he was currently being tried for. Of the two women who were schoolmates and friends of Drew, one testified that he offered her a ride. Once they arrived at her destination, he tried to force her to have sex with him and raped her digitally. The other teenager said that during her assault, her shirt was torn, she was hit in the face, and he chased her while yelling, “You know you want it!”

Two others were strippers who Drew hired. They were raped while they attempted to perform for him. One reported that she was also sodomized and saw a knife on his bedside table.

The final two were complete strangers to Drew, but they lived near Calder Rd. during the time he was also living in the area. One, known by the pseudonym “Rebecca Michael,” said she was grabbed from behind, cut on the arm, and chased around her truck until Drew gave up and retreated.

The other, known as “T.C.” was abducted in her car at a stop light on Calder Rd. by Drew and a still unidentified man. She was driven to a trailer in an isolated location and raped and sodomized for hours while being threatened with a knife. She was the nurse on duty the night Tina was brought into Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. She noticed similarities to her abduction and assault and knew she had to have been attacked by the same man.

Separate from his trial, Drew was being investigated by Austin Police Department for an abduction in December 1998. A woman had written a note on the bottom of the sole of her shoe that she was being kidnapped and needed help and handed it to a gas station attendant. Video surveillance showed a man who appeared to be Jonathan David Drew. He was the same height and build and was wearing an Exxon jacket and had a ski cap on. Drew had worked at an Exxon gas station in Austin.

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