When Jessica Cain was last seen in the wee hours of August 17, 1997, she was seen walking towards a red Isuzu Amigo around 2:00 AM. It was parked on the shoulder of I-45 between exits 7 and 8 near LaMarque and directly behind her pickup truck.

For over a year, the person in the Amigo remained a mystery. It was not until Tina Flood’s abduction and murder in late November 1998 that the red Isuzu Amigo was determined to belong to Jonathan David Drew.

Jonathan Drew was a mechanic who owned a repair shop called Drew Automotive in League City. He had access to a variety of vehicles during his time running the shop, including the red Amigo, which was owned by a dealership at the time of Jessica Cain’s disappearance. In December 1998, investigators got permission from the current owner, a Houston woman, to process it for evidence.

Detectives discovered hair fibers in the Amigo and turned over several envelopes of possible evidence containing fibers, soil, and hair. Unfortunately, no results were ever released in regards to whether or not the evidence linked Drew or the Amigo to Cain’s disappearance.

The Amigo, undoubtedly, still puts suspicion squarely on him.

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