It all falls down

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

It was a warm November night in 1998, typical for Texas, and Tina Flood was attending a birthday party at the Seabrook Beach Club with her friend, Justin Chapman. This is where Tina met Jonathan David Drew. They danced and were even seen kissing at the club.

The bar closed at 2:00 AM and everyone decided to move to the nearby Holiday Inn. Tina was too intoxicated to drive, so she and Justin rode there with other people. After attempting to check in and realizing they’d forgotten something in Tina’s car, they saw Drew in the parking lot and solicited a ride back to the nearby Seabrook Beach Club.

Justin sat by the door in Drew’s maroon single-cab Chevrolet pickup truck and Tina sat in the middle seat next to Drew. When they arrived at the bar, Justin exited the truck and waited for Tina to slide over and get out as well. Instead, Drew took off, throwing Justin into a ditch. He ran to the bar and began beating on the door for help.

At 2:52 AM, he drew the attention of Seabrook Police Officer Hatton. He explained that his friend, Tina, had been abducted. A description of Drew’s truck was broadcast to other officers in the area.

At 3:49 AM, Harris County Deputy Constable Sean Kitchens spotted Drew’s truck on FM270 near NASA Road 1 and stopped him for failure to maintain a single lane of traffic. Deputy Kitchens asked Drew for his license and when he leaned over to get it from the console, he noticed a bloody foot on the seat.

When asked who it was, Drew responded, “That’s my friend Tina. She’s knocked out over there.” She was lying in a fetal position against the passenger’s door, naked except for her skirt, which was bunched around her waist. She had noticeable abrasions on her leg, butt, and arm.

Deputy Kitchens called for backup and after they arrived, Drew was asked to step out of the truck. He noticed Drew had multiple scratches on his body and blood on his shirt.

Tina was taken to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center where a sexual assault exam was conducted. According to the nurse examining her, Tina repeatedly cried out, “Please help me! Please help me! Don’t hurt me!” Another nurse heard Tina say, “Please don’t rape me.”

She had sustained a skull fracture, which caused her brain to swell and hemorrhage. She underwent surgery, but died a day-and-a-half later as a result of the swelling of her brain.

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