Into the darkness

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Jessica Cain was a typical teenager. She had just graduated from Galveston’s O’Connell High School and was excited to start her freshman year at Sam Houston University in Huntsville. Her plan was to major in criminology and drama. Her bags were already packed to head to college the following week.

It was the night of August 17, 1997, and Jessica was attending a party for the cast of the Harbor Playhouse in Dickinson. She had met friends at Bennigan’s on Bay Area Boulevard. She said her goodbyes around 1:30 AM and told her friends she was going home. She never did make it home that night.

Her father, concerned that she hadn’t made it home by 2 AM, went looking for her. He found her pickup truck parked on the side of I-45 between exits 7 and 8, only miles from Tiki Island, her home. The truck was locked with her wallet on the driver’s seat of the vehicle, but her keys were missing.

A friend driving by around 2 AM said they saw Jessica walking towards a red Isuzu Amigo parked behind her truck on the shoulder of I-45.

Jessica disappeared into the darkness and was never seen alive again...

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